Buy a Virus Checker and get a free pass

Posted on: September 29th, 2007 by Charlie Wright No Comments

Nowadays, it seems that the only acceptable method of safe guarding against those nasty viruses is to universally slap a virus checker into the mix and set it loose to actively scan. Why is it that when this virus checker causes problems with other applications (i.e. File Does not Exist, Cannot Access File) it gets a free pass? Is it because the IT department doesn’t know any better? Do they care? I tell you what, when you are more hassle than your worth, meaning you cause more problems then you prevent, annoy your customers, limit production and should be located somewhere else, then your really part of the problem and NOT the solution. What part are you?

Welcome to the new

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WAVE has just refreshed its corporate website in our ongoing efforts to communicate with the publishing industry.

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