Powerpoint from Amsterdam

Posted on: November 28th, 2007 by Charlie Wright 1 Comment

As requested, here is the PowerPoint outline from our channel meeting in Amsterdam.

You can download the ZIP file by clicking here.

WAVE Goes to Amsterdam (Pics coming soon)

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Catherine Meyer, Les Veres and Dan Macaluso went to meet our International Resellers during a channel meeting which took place in Amsterdam on October 16, 2007.

Catherine says:

We met with Resellers from Italy, Germany, Holland, England, Finland, France and the Benalux areas. Next Solutions, our Dutch partner, hosted the event at their facilities just outside Amsterdam. Before the meeting began, all the attendees enjoyed speaking with each other and sharing their experiences.

The meeting started with a presentation which focused on the trends in digital asset management and enterprise content management global markets, while encouraging our resellers to “surf the WAVE” and take advantage of our new channel partnership program “Partnerlink”. Les answered questions and provided additional information throughout the presentation. Dan delivered the remainder of the presentation, which consisted of products update, development schedule and direction.

Dan continued the presentation by offering the latest updates on the Mediabank and B.media products. His presentation generated numerous questions and overall everyone was impressed with the new development on products. (more…)

If it's on, it's in: Best Slogan EVER?

Posted on: November 15th, 2007 by Charlie Wright 2 Comments

“Be all you can be”

“What’s in your wallet?”

“Good to the last drop”

“Got Milk?”

I will bet you, that you could tell me every identity that those slogans belong to. Why?

What makes a good slogan/copy shot? Why do some copy shots become embedded in our brains, while others like “A Good Place to Sit and Eat.” (Denny’s), fall by the wayside?

Nick Padmore at A List Apart has crunched the numbers. He started with the 115 best slogans, straplines, taglines, and headlines (nominated by 18 creative experts), and examined every aspect of the slogans; mood, grammar, inclusion of the brand name, standards, metaphors and other devices.

Nick even went as far as to do separate calculations for post-1985 copy shots.

Marketing Slogan Mood Pie Chart

His conclusion was simple.

All great copy shots should:

  1. Be five words in length.
  2. Not mention the brand name.
  3. Be declarative.
  4. Be grammatically complete.
  5. Be otherwise standard.
  6. Contain alliteration, metaphor, or rhyme.

Judging against that criteria, he claims “If it’s on, it’s in” (Radio Times) is the Best Copy Shot Ever Written.

While I don’t agree with that AT ALL, his article is very informative (if a bit lengthy). It even has pie charts!

Seeing the numbers, it becomes very clear that most successful slogans have many elements in common. This is a very good thing to keep in mind when you are coming up with your next advertising campaign.

And just in case you didn’t know, the entities from the aboves slogans are (in order): ARMY, Capital One, Maxwell House, and National Milk Processor Board.

Online Advertising (Continued)

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After writing last weeks article about the growth of online marketing, another online advertising study was released.

The study, released by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers, only futher enforces the growing trend of online marketing:

Internet advertising revenues exceeded $5.2 billion for the third quarter of 2007, representing yet another historic high for a quarter and a $1.1 billion increase, or 25.3 percent, over Q3 2006.

And TechCrunch put some perspective on the numbers:

Whilst the $5.2 billion figure is a record month, the growth rate quarter on quarter are not that spectacular; the third quarter was up only three percent on Q2. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; three percent may not sound a lot, but if it were 33% the cries of bubble would be heard loud and wide. 3% is a sustainable, healthy number that will bring joy to many online who rely on advertising without the related fear that the growth may not be sustainable.

Online Advertising: A Growing Market

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With the announcement of Facebook’s new user-tracking highly-targeted targeted ad platform, it seems that everybody is talking about online marketing. And for a good reason too, a recent eMarketer’s report says that by 2011, U.S. advertisers will spend about 42 billion dollars on online advertising. That is just less than double the 21.4 billion we are spending in 2007.

But is it to much? As Gigaom wonders

“Of course, it also means that advertising (or marketing messages) are going to be in-your-face, every time you turn around. What is the theoretical limit to our ability to absorb these messages? I just wonder, when, as people-being-marketed-to will we say: Enough! Stop! Or will we?”

The Death of Print?

Posted on: November 6th, 2007 by Charlie Wright 8 Comments

Ever since the first Dot-Com-Era, cynical speculators have been forecasting the bleak future of traditional print media.

Back then I scoffed at that idea, the internet was still a novelty, and the diversity of online new sources was lacking (to say the least).

But over the past few years, I find myself increasingly getting my news online, whether it be from the citizen journalism of blogs or the online entity of the local newspaper. And, I know I am not the only one.

This is an excerpt from a New York Times article about the shift from traditional to online news:

The circulation declines of American newspapers continued over the spring and summer, as sales across the industry fell almost 3 percent compared with the year before, according to figures released yesterday.

The drop, reported by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, reflects the growing shift of readers to the Internet, where newspaper readership has climbed, and also a strategy by many major papers to shed unprofitable or marginally profitable print circulation.

Over at TechCrunch they are examining the decline in relation to global region and marketing:

The decline of print media isn’t an international story, it’s one that’s very much focused on the United States, and to a lesser extent the English speaking world. The problem today with print media in the United States is that it has yet to have undergone a massive market restructuring that has occurred in other countries.

And What They Think looks at the shift from traditional to digital media and compares it to the evolution of print services.

It seems to me that the future of print is indeed uncertain, and we should all be prepared to adapt and evolve… or maybe I am just another cynical speculator.

Meet the Team: Kayla Martin

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Meat the WAVE Team: Kayla Martin Employee Name: Kayla Martin

Kayla is the Web Designer, Graphic Designer, and all-around Creative at WAVE. Kayla joined WAVE in February 2007, after graduating Full Sail with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and Design. Although Kayla is relatively new at WAVE, she joined us in February 2007, she has already made some big improvements including a complete re-build of wavecorp.com and is currently in the process of re-branding WAVE.

Cooking, Fishing, Boating (or just being on/near the water), and Shopping

Favorite Quote:
Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. –Leo Burnett

Random Fact:
I like to eat turkey sandwiches for breakfast.

Coming Soon: Customer Spotlights and Meet the Team

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At WAVE, we know that you, the customer, are the most important aspect of our business. That is why we will soon be adding a “Customer Spotlight” feature to our News Blog. This Customer Spotlight will highlight the wonderful people we have as customers.

Also, we will be adding a Meet the Team feature, so you all can get to know the people behind WAVE Corporation.

 Update: The first Meet the Team segment can be read here