MediaBank meets the Badlands

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MediaBank Gold Travels through Western US

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We left Nevada and headed up to Nebraska for our meeting at Cabelas.  Amazing Scenery.  Good thing we have an awesome Digital Asset Managment System that allows us to upload, captures the EXIF and IPTC data upon ingestion.  Thought we’d share a few of the best ones…

MediaBank Gold Bryce UT

Moon over Bryce Canyon


MediaBank Gold Bryce UT

Moon over Bryce UT

MediaBank Gold Tour Bryce UT

Bryce Canyon, UT

California Heading Back East

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We’ve finished our California trip and came back through Vegas.  Today we were in Nebraska after driving through Utah and Colorado.  Wow – we live in a beautiful country!

 Here’s some Video of some of our stops we were able to make over the weekend.




Our Colorado stop

MediaBank Gold Tour Colorado

MediaBank Pigs meets Colorado River



Our Utah Stop


MediaBank Gold Tour Utah

MediaBank Tour crossed over into Utah

MediaBank Gold Tour Continues

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MediaBank Gold Tour Texas Drill
Can we get it directly from the well?

MediaBank Tour New Mexico Pig

MediaBank Piggy Bank onto New Mexico

After Texas we headed out to California and are now turning back East.  What a hardship, we had to make a stop in Vegas.


Now through Denver and on the way up to Nebraska and Iowa.


MediaBank Gold Tour Vegas

MediaBank Gold Tour Hits Vegas

Texas Travels

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Our MediaBank Gold Tour Continues.  We went from Atlanta to Dallas for our October 6th Show.


MedgiaBank Gold Tour Texas
MediaBank Pig looks on at the Texas Planking

MediaBank Gold Tour Texas Piggy Bank

The MediaBank Piggy Bank Crosses over into Texas



WAVE’s Tweet Wordle

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Wordle: WAVE Corporation Tweet Wordle

MediaBank Gold Tour On the Road

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MediaBank Gold Tour in Mississippi

MediaBank Gold Tour with Pig in Mississippi

 MediaBank Gold Tour hits the Road

We’ve finished our meetings in Orlando and Atlanta and we’re on the way to Dallas.  Along the way we’re taking pictures of all the state signs as we cross.  In each of the pics – we’ll have a MediaBank Gold Piggy Bank.  That’s the prize for answering our State Trivia Contest questions.  Find them on twitter @wavecorp using #MBGTour 

MediaBank Gold Alabama

The MediaBank Gold Tour brings the Pig to Alabama

MediaBank Gold Tour - Louisiana
Nice job hiding the Pig in this photo

MediaBank Gold Georgia
WAVE crosses first state line on Road Trip

MediaBank Gold Georgia

Charlie brings the MediaBank Pig to Georgia



We’ll also take restaurant recommendations and must see sights along the way.

MediaBank Gold Tour Launched

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Finally!  After hundreds of hours writing code, desigining specs, and creating workflows, we’re ready to come out and show you our new release of MediaBank.  We started our tour here in Orlando, hosted at AAA.  The feedback has been wonderful.  Things like:

  • “Exceded my expectations”  
  • “Can’t wait to get it.”  
  • “Love the new interface:
And we’re excited to bring it to you!  We’ve got our truck all snazzy – so look for us on the road. Our next stop is Atlanta on 10/4 and then onto Dallas.  Next week is California and Nebraska.   As we drive across the county – we’ll be posting pictures of our road trip on twitter (@wavecorp ) and also have a state trivia contest question for every state we travel through.  First one to post back on twitter with the correct answer gets a MediaBank Gold Piggy Bank.

The meeting runs from 8:00 am until noon.  

We will be covering:

  • Industry trends in Digital Asset Management
  • MediaBank User Demo
  • MediaBank Admin Demo
  • Information about the Upgrade Process  

You will get to see how the upgrades handle working with a global & distributed workforce, increased security & sharing, and the upgraded, intuitive interface.

AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH – we’re having a bag toss contest after the meeting ends.  You need two people from your company to play.  You’ll have to beat team WAVE to win.  Everyone who wins the Bag Toss contest gets a MediaBank Gold Piggy Bank.  But WAIT, DON’T ORDER YET, THERE’S MORE……  One of those pigs will be loaded with quarter ounce gold coin.  

Don’t miss it!!  For more info – check back to our web page and check our twitter feed for #MBGTour