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These are the kinds of phone calls we get:

  • Right now we’re emailing files back and forth so it’s hard to keep track of the most current revision.
  • We send the pages out for everyone to edit and give feedback it takes a long time to compile all those changes.
  • We have people that need to upload content, but they are not attaching metadata so it gets lost almost as soon as we get it.
  • We want to use the same images for our print material and our web page, but the images are not in the same place and they’re not in the same format.  How can we make them consistent?

For those of you that have moved in the the digital content world without having a good strategy for tracking, managing, sharing, or editing, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start.

Starting Line

Where should I start?

When we talk to people, we tell them there are solutions that can address their problem, get an understanding of their pain points, and at some point we usually walk though the software to let them know what options are available.  

During the discussion, invariably it turns from “Wow, that would really be helpful for our most pressing problem.  While I have you on the phone, we also have this OTHER problem….”

The Snowball then Becomes an Avalanche 

 The wish list starts to grow.  

  • Wait – we can pull SKU, Pricing, Copy, and Images from multiple databases and merge them on the page?
  • Do you mean to tell me we can replace multiple silos of information from different departments with one central repository all in one fell swoop?
  • I can use this system to power my eCommerce site as well?
Yes – all of those things are true.  Here’s what we see happen next.  The “Blue sky, let’s try to solve every proble we can identify” thinking begins.  Additional groups get involved.  Meetings across functional “silos” begin.  Requirements are debated as different groups have different needs. Budgeting allocation begins for which departments will cover what percentage of the solution. AND THESE ARE ALL GOOD THINGS!

HOWEVER……  Progress slows down to a glacial as the scope of the project grows.   Requirements can turn into wish lists.  It becomes harder to get people to agree on what’s on the MUST HAVE list vs. what’s on the NICE TO HAVE list.  Progress slows to a glacial place and the original problem is buried at the beginning of the avalanche.


Don’t let the Best be the Enemy of the Good – Voltaire

Start with a manageable project.  Select a solution that gives you the flexibility to add on addtional functionality as the scope grows.  Get some “wins” for making changes, getting user adoption, learing to get comfortable with your new solution.  Sometimes it’s easier to get changes if you wade into the shallow end rather than try the high dive into the deep end.  


If you’re not sure where that might be, contact us and we’ll help.  








MediaBank Gold Tour Wrapped Up

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Thanks to all our our hosts for allowing us use of your conference rooms, equipment, and space for the beanbag toss.  Thanks to all of our customers and potential customers for coming out to see the new release of MediaBank Gold.  We appreciate your feedback, questions, and enthusiastic reception.


We drove around the country and back.  7,295 miles with 202+ hours of windshield time making 12 stops to visit our amazing customers.


We’re back now and in the process of processing all the feedback we got and getting ready to wrap up and deliver MediaBank Gold in early 2012. 


Road trips always mean stops along the way for local food.  We got some amazing recommendations. Some of which we are still digesting.  Here’s a few more of our pics from the road.


To see our slides discussion the preparation for migration, click here.

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