Online Advertising: A Growing Market

Posted on: November 9th, 2007 by Charlie Wright No Comments

With the announcement of Facebook’s new user-tracking highly-targeted targeted ad platform, it seems that everybody is talking about online marketing. And for a good reason too, a recent eMarketer’s report says that by 2011, U.S. advertisers will spend about 42 billion dollars on online advertising. That is just less than double the 21.4 billion we are spending in 2007.

But is it to much? As Gigaom wonders

“Of course, it also means that advertising (or marketing messages) are going to be in-your-face, every time you turn around. What is the theoretical limit to our ability to absorb these messages? I just wonder, when, as people-being-marketed-to will we say: Enough! Stop! Or will we?”

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