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  • Established 1987

    Our early microcontroller based design projects included portable bar code systems, primary standard air flow calibrators, and digitizing the facilities blueprints of a telecommunications company for distribution in the field via compact disc.

  • 1990 Became Systems Integrators

    Our entry into Systems Integrators was an opportunistic turn due to the need in many industries to integrate critical design, capture, input and output systems into the increasingly networked digital world.

  • 1990 - 1995 Service is the value

    As device standards emerged we shifted toward supporting high availability enterprise data management solutions for storing, serving, and managing multiple terabytes of networked data. 

  • 1995 Integrating Mediabank

    We began working with MediaBank in the early stages of its development in our efforts to manage an increasingly growing amount of customer managed data.  WAVE’s MediaBank customers were known to be the most satisfied and was largely understood to be from the high level of customer service.

  • 2000 - Mediabank Purchase

    As the dot-com frenzy floundered, WAVE capitalized on an opportunity to seize control of MediaBank to improve many aspects of the product.

  • 2001 - Wave Releases Mediabank 3.0

    The first major MediaBank software release that included many needed features, bug repairs and general updates was released to an eager and appreciative client base

  • 2003 - Bmedia Purchase

    WAVE had the opportunity to acquire the assets of the Enterprise Content Management solution Bmedia.

  • 2005 – Content Suite

    WAVE developed a VDP solution for the automated production of marketing material including: mailers, flyers, short run catalogs and other variable data documents.

  • 2008 – mediabank/ bmedia/ content Suite

    Now with three distinct but separate product solutions it became clear that many common aspects were shared between the products, primarily database digital asset management, and that a combined feature set with a single codebase would present the ideal solution.

  • 2012 The band comes together

    With the goal to arm our customers with the tools to keep them competitive in the years ahead, the reality of a shared codebase for our products with an integrated work flow was being realized.  We decided that MediaBank 5.0 would be the release deemed to be the final and completed culmination of this effort.

  • 2019 Mediabank5.0 Release

    Looking ahead we will continue to anticipate industry needs by staying informed on technology, and working closely with and listening to customers.

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