Omni-Channel Content Management System (CMS)

A collaborative control center for your entire omni-channel marketing operation, from concept to delivery. A highly visual and informative environment to initiate page layout; storyboard meets spreadsheet. Also relieves copywriters from copy-and-paste, allowing them to concentrate on composing your message.

Centralized Copy

Function Meets Form

Compose copy with character counts, server-based spelling and grammar checks, special character palettes,  and cross-platform text styling.

Intelligent Document Links

Make quick work of copy changes and updates.


Visualize Content and Layout

Those up-stream from designers can easily visualize and communicate the desired page content and layout in an omni-channel XML format.

Campaign and Jobs

Analyze Performance vs Expectations

Organize and track the lifecycle of your initiatives.

Omni-Channel Blocks

Your Content Organized

Smooth development of product families and promotional events by organizing content pieces, like images and text, into containers called Blocks.

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